Shortwave Car Radio Receiver – The Latest New October 21, 2016

A general Car Radio can turn you on to the Fm`s/ Am`s and generally long wave bands. But what if you want to listen to shortwave bands? The BST-1 is the device that can help you with shortwave bands which is connected to an external antenna to receive signals. It has a very user-friendly interface and all functions happen via buttons. You just have to press and hold the buttons according to the preferences and this receiver will help you with different signals and frequencies gps nissan qashqai. One drawback with this system is that it handles only Am`s and no other sidebands.

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Android Auto – a Bit about its Compatibility Requirements October 20, 2016

Android Auto facilitates the benefit of using the smart phone and its relative applications directly on the automobile’s dashboard head system itself. From 2015, at least twenty eight brands of automobiles have built-in integrated system to be compatible with the interface. However PLAYER TOP FRANCE, there are also big names like Benz who have not opted to have the system integrated because their own navigation system is very well developed.

The requirements for the functioning of this system are:

a. The android phone must run on the operating system Lollipop 5.0 or any later version.

b. The automobile should be able to support the user interface

c. The android smart phone should be able to be connected or tethered to the automobile’s head system using a USB cable.

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